Competitor Analysis

To find the right way ahead for an SEO campaign, it’s important to understand what our competition is upto. So Competitor Analysis is done to understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses compared to your own and find a gap in the market.  For Competitor Analysis, we need 3 competitors from the Client and then perform a stepwise process to analyze them: 


An overview of their website’s architecture and setup


Find the number of indexed pages


Evaluate their keyword rankings


Explore their top-performing organic pages


Understanding which Content-Type is driving more traffic to a competitor’s website.


Quality of Content posted on their website


Analyze their backlink profile

After the analysis, we recommend the areas where the Client’s website can outdo its competition and what areas of the website need attention to perform better.


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What’s Included?

Business Overview

Lead Generation

Local Presence

(for Ecommerce website only)

Content Review

SEO Ranking

Google My Business

What’s the cost?

Pages Turn Around Time
0-25 25 Days
25-50 30 Days
50-100 45 Days
More than 200 Inquire

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Frequently Asked Question

Great question, there are four different types of competitors, smaller than your business, the same size as your business, bigger than you, and market giants. Let’s look at each one of them,

Smaller (than you): a business that has fewer clients, offers less number of services or products, has fewer resources and employees compared to your business, would be considered as a smaller business than yours.

Similar (size business): a business that is almost the same size, sits in the local area, has an almost equal number of employees, offers a similar number of services or products.

Bigger (than you): a business that is relatively bigger than you in terms of employees, presence, and product or service offerings, but your business can catch up in the next 3 years.

Market Giants: Business you are in the business for a long time, has way too many resources and offerings. It will take significant scaling and planning for your business to reach there.

The biggest mistake businesses do is to either pick up smaller or similar businesses or they end up picking up market giants (that’s how we want to be in the future). Now if you picked up smaller and similar then you would miss out on what bigger players are doing and the analysis will show us that we are doing great or at par with competition while the problem with picking up market giants is you have a fairly low budget and marketing resources and your marketing goal will be significantly different.

The best way is to leave our smaller and market giants and focus on bigger and similar businesses, especially the local competitors who have the same or bigger business size as yours. So you should pick one similar business and two bigger businesses for competitor analysis.

Competitor analysis takes around 3 weeks to complete, the team gathers the data across multiple data points, and competitor analysis expert reviews that data and provides recommendations.

SEO competitor audit is standard, costs around ____

Competitor analysis is a comprehensive analysis of over 30 checkpoints, distributed across 5 different categories. Few key questions we look for are

  • What is the size of the competition, resources, and online visibility
  • Who is on the first page of Google for your targeted keywords?
  • What is their domain authority?
  • What is their page authority?
  • How many backlinks do they have?
  • How many referring domains do they have?
  • What is the quality of their backlinks?

In the competitor analysis package we review 3 competitors, if you want us to review additional competitors then it can be done at an additional cost. Please mention at the time of signup.

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