Frequently Asked Questions

During the onboarding of the Client, we ask them for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for their website. Following are the few KPIs that Profit-Driven uses to measure the success of SEO Campaigns:

Traffic Insights – Organic Traffic, Page views, CTR(Click Through Rate)

  • Keyword Rankings
  • Domain Authority
  • SEO health Score

Once the Client is on board, we propose a 12 month SEO Plan considering the factors like  Content, On-Page, Backlinks, etc into consideration.

Along with the SEO Campaign, Website Development, SEO Readiness services, Profit-Driven also offers a few add-on services like- 

Our link-building strategy revolves around Outreach. We find the domains relevant to the Client Website’s niche and communicate with them for content and service promotion.

We accept a variety of payment methods like Stripe, PayPal, etc.

We have been able to show between 100% to 300% growth for many of our clients. Schedule a call with us to know more about it.

At Profit-Driven, Content creation is an important part of the SEO campaign. There are two key factors that our team keeps in consideration while creating content: User Intent and Keyword Intent.  Understanding your users and what keywords to use for the content actually helps.

Yes, you can book a free 30minutes consultation with our team. Feel free to reach out to us in case of any questions-

The SEO team at Profit-Driven keeps track of recent SEO Updates and strategizes the campaign accordingly. In case of any new update, our team performs thorough research on how the change is going to affect the present SEO Campaign and comes with the possible solution available.

Profit-Driven believes in business relationships. It is our topmost priority to protect and prevent Client information from any breaches. We perform all ethical practices for SEO in order to safeguard Client data. 

For client confidentiality, we cannot share client portfolio but we can help you build your own.