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Know how to promote SEO with Profit-Driven. We ensure all your SEO work so you can focus on core business goals.

Are you still mulling over the question of to SEO or not to SEO?

Before we debate over that million-dollar question, here are some mind-blowing facts about SEO in 2021:
Did you know that over 90% of all internet users rely on search engines to begin their quest for information in the online world?
About 53% of all website traffic comes from organic search (search results on a search engine that is not influenced by paid advertising; based on the relevance of the keywords used for the search)
Approximately 52% of global internet traffic is from mobile devices, with almost 9 out of every 10 consumers taking action (often purchases) post the search
Over 95% of users only look at the first page of the search results, be it on Google, Bing, or Yahoo
The very first listing on the first page of the search results gets almost a third of the overall search traffic
Search is getting more local – 4 out of 5 users use search with a local intent
Just as compelling as these facts and figures are, there is one statistic that is a measure of the tremendous opportunity that all brands have:

Over 90% of searchers have not yet made up their mind about a brand before starting their search.

To add on, over 65% look at the relevance and usefulness of the information provided, regardless of the brand. About 51% discover a new brand during their search. As much as 33% buy from a brand different from the one they had in mind, purely because of the information provided in the search. Given that all brands are aiming to thrive in a highly competitive and volatile market, they are seeing the need for rightly positioning themselves (making themselves visible and relevant). A majority of businesses are spending over US$ 5,000 on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) currently. If you are here reading this, chances are that you already see the need for creating enterprise SEO for your brand. However, if you have decided to opt for a DIY SEO, remember that while you can technically do it, there are several pitfalls that you must consider. After all, over 84% of brands collaborate with SEO service providers for their SEO implementation for a reason.

The common pitfalls of opting for an in-house/DIY SEO strategy - Why is it difficult to scale your SEO efforts?

There can be more yardsticks to measure if your marketing strategies are where they need to be beyond the basics of your ROI and churn rate. You may have an excellent grasp of Content Management Systems (CMS), website designing, content marketing, and other aspects of SEO; however, can you really manage it all, end-to-end, in-house? Ask yourself these questions before considering on whether you want to manage your SEO in-house or collaborate with an SEO services company:
SEO is not a one-size-fits-all kind of a solution; it needs constant monitoring, tracking, and scaling to ensure that it suits your ever-evolving needs – do you have the time, bandwidth, resources, and the know-how to do this?
You may have knowledge of basic SEO, but do you understand all the technicalities, and more so, can you implement them?
Do you understand the nitty-gritties of SEO beyond the content marketing aspect – for example, building backlinks, page rankings, bounce rates, image/video optimization, optimizing for voice/mobile, CTR, SERPs, PPC, page load times, local SEO, understanding of organic vs. paid search, markup tags, and more?
Do you have the budget and bandwidth to buy and implement various SEO tools that are critical to monitoring the overall health of your SEO strategy?
Are you able to justify the ROI from your SEO efforts in a sustained manner to your management?
Have you been able to demonstrate the conversion efficiency of your SEO efforts
Are you able to scale your SEO strategy to suit your evolving needs – is it in tune with your growth strategy?
The digital marketing landscape is in a constant state of flux, with the dynamics changing constantly. With so many critical digital aspects going into your SEO strategy, scaling up the strategy as one comprehensive whole can be a challenging task. In order for your SEO strategy to be scalable – to be able to grow with your growth – you have to keep a few basic factors in mind. They are:
  1. Create an innovative strategy that helps you plan for all future growth
  2. Use comprehensive site auditing tools that will help you scale up and stay relevant even when the pages on your website grow tremendously
  3. Plan for the right number of resources required to take care of your SEO in its entirety
  4. Monitor the costs that you will incur as you scale up
  5. Bring in the experts while you focus on your operations and people

Why is an SEO collaboration right for you? - Reasons to hire an SEO agency or provider

SEO is an undeniable part of marketing strategies across industries and organizations these days. However, not everyone can handle SEO the way it needs to be! If you want a creative, scalable, agile, and enterprise-ready SEO solution, look at what SEO experts can do for you and your organization.
Firstly, SEO experts will tell you that your SEO campaign and strategy has got to do with a lot more than just getting the right keywords in place. If you think that building the right backlinks will get you back in the game, that is still just the tip of the iceberg as far as SEO campaigning is concerned. Here is a peek at what SEO experts can do to your campaign if you choose to collaborate with them:

  1. Stay ahead of the curve – Google Algorithms change several times in a year and every time they do so, your positioning and ranking is going to change. SEO experts understand how these changes work and can make the requisite technical changes to stay ahead of the curve.
  2. Range of skills – As we said, SEO is much more than just keywords and backlinks, and only a real SEO expert can tell you that. Be it the technical knowledge, the ability to intervene and make timely changes in various aspects – website designing, link building, social media campaigns, content, page responsiveness, technicalities such as coding, and a lot more.
  3. Scalable services in a stipulated budget – As your organization grows, so too will your need for additional marketing. With SEO experts doing the task for you, they can easily scale up the campaigning to suit your growing needs, while staying on track of the budget.
  4. Let you focus on your task – The cost of training your existing staff on the nitty-gritties of SEO can be huge. Even with adequate training, you can never give them the in-depth understanding of SEO like an expert has.
  5. Receive measurable ROI – Experts can work with you to measure the returns that you can get from your SEO campaign.
Of course, when you choose to work with SEO experts for your SEO campaigning, you have a few options:
Freelancers or independent contractors – If your SEO needs are minimal and/or your allocated budget is low, then this option would suit you. However, do note that you are working with one person, who may not be acquainted with SEO in its 360-degree entirety.
SEO agencies – When you are working with a group of people/team, the range of skills and perspectives they can bring to the table is much larger. However, SEO agencies usually
specialize in specific aspects of SEO and may need to bring external resources for specialized needs.
Full-service SEO providers – A full-service agency will have all the specialized SEO skills that you need for your campaign under one roof, while an allocated manager will work with you to facilitate all that your campaign needs.

How can Profit-Driven help you?

Profit-Driven is a full-service SEO agency providing a whole range of SEO services. We work with you for your diverse needs to take the burden of in-house marketing off your hands. We have a strong team of SEO experts with diverse and specialized skills as well as a network of specialists whom we can bring into your project if and when the need arises. Our specialized SEO services include the following:
Website audit
Website designing
Content development
Content marketing
Keyword analysis
On-page optimization
Analytics tracking
High quality link building
Voice/mobile optimization
Tools to check for page responsiveness and speed
Project management and workflow tools to systemize several aspects of the campaign
Dashboard for better visibility of the campaign
Integrated marketing
Strategic outreach programs
At Profit-Driven we do not believe in cookie cutter approaches. We bring in a team of experts to handle your SEO campaign with a high level of customization and personalization, so that we can deliver exactly what you need. Before you choose to collaborate with us as your SEO partner, you can:
Check out our portfolio and case studies
Read online reviews and testimonials to see what our partners have to say about us
 Analyze our website and its optimization
Learn how SEO tracks and measures the performance of a campaign
 Learn how our SEO experts adapt to an underperforming campaign
 View our pricing or request a custom quote
Request a custom proposal for your business
Ultimately, thriving or nosediving in your business is not just about your products and services; it is also about the overall user experience that you are able to create. Collaborate with to increase your brand visibility and boost your revenue. We focus on driving up your profits with the best processes in place.

Book a free, 30-minute consultation with our team of SEO experts and we can take it from there.

Leave us a message on, or on the Contact Us form for a call back. You can also call us on 9035089155 or email us at


Is it better to partner with SEO providers for your SEO?
You might think that having an in-house SEO campaign helps you retain control on the people, the process, and the money. However, it is not so. While an in-house one is a viable option, it is not a scalable and agile one. Having a team of SEO experts with whom you collaborate for your campaign to has distinct advantages:
  • Improved and measurable returns
  • Better executive buy-in
  • Free time and resources to focus on operations
  • In tune with latest trends and technologies
  • Better ROI at lower costs
Are the services stand alone?

What you choose to focus on in your SEO campaign once you partner with the experts is entirely on you. You can, in consultation with the SEO experts, choose specific, standalone services to spruce up parts of your SEO campaign or opt for the full stack of services. Book a 30-minute free consultation with Profit-Driven to understand where you stand and what you need.

Why should a business be careful about outsourcing its SEO services?
Partnering with SEO service providers can be great for your campaign as you bring in a team of experts to do the job. However, if you end up partnering with a freelancer / independent contractor / agency, who have not demonstrated measurable results, it can be a recipe for disaster. Before you choose which SEO agency or white hat service provider you want to partner with, look for the following:
  • Check out the portfolio and case studies
  • Read online reviews and testimonials to see what customers have to say about the SEO agency/provider
  • Analyze their website and its optimization
  • Learn how SEO tracks and measures the performance of a campaign
  • Learn how our SEO experts adapt to an underperforming campaign
  • View their pricing or request a custom quote
  • Request a custom proposal for your business
What kind of results to expect from Profit-Driven?
With Profit-Driven, you can expect a customized, highly personalized, and scalable SEO solution that includes the following:
  • SEO strategy and roadmap
  • Execution and implementation of website audit, keyword analysis, on-page optimization, link building, etc.
  • Weekly updates from the project manager
  • Real-time campaign visibility on a dashboard
  • Transparent reporting from Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Actionable recommendations
  • Content writing support ….and a lot more. At Profit-Driven, we are known for our:
  • Clear processes
  • Flawless execution
  • Transparent reporting
  • Integrated services
  • Professional tools
  • Reliable support

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There’s an easier way to grow your agency.

We help digital agencies drive profits with process-driven services. Our result-oriented SEO services will help you generate more revenue for your agency.

There’s an easier way to grow your agency.

We help digital agencies drive profits with process-driven services. Our result-oriented SEO services will help you generate more revenue for your agency.

There’s an easier way to grow your agency.

We help digital agencies drive profits with process-driven services. Our result-oriented SEO services will help you generate more revenue for your agency.

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