Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is the single most important aspect of your online presence. Since Google Search is getting more sophisticated with time, it’s very important for the business to understand the website’s potential and the keyword focus. 

The biggest mistake we see website owners make is try to rank for awareness keywords, which takes months and years to rank and, in the end, does not bring the relevant traffic. So if your website is getting traffic, but the conversions are super low, when you are not ranking for the desired keywords, then it’s time for you to get the keyword analysis done.


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What’s Included?

Keyword mapping with website content

Recommendation for the primary and secondary keywords

Keyword categorization by user journey

Clear keyword focus roadmap

What’s the cost?

Pages Turn Around Time
0-25 25Days
25-50 30Days
50-100 45Days
More than 200 Inquire

Attract and convert more leads with Profit Driven all-in-one marketing.

Frequently Asked Question

Keyword is the piece of the puzzle that connects the content with search engine result pages, the search engines rank the website based on content that is derived by the keywords.

We review the competitors, use manual searches and tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush to identify the best keywords

If your website is not getting relevant traffic, not ranking, or ranking for wrong keywords then you certainly need a comprehensive keyword analysis.

A good keyword is a phrase that brings relevant traffic to the website that converts. In other words, the visitors who are interested in our product or service and are willing to buy our services

Meta descriptions or titles are not included in the keyword analysis package, but if you need assistance with content then our expert content writers can help at an additional cost.

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