Ongoing SEO Campaigns

We help our agency partners to package and sell profit-driven SEO services, while we execute everything flawlessly. We have standardized and set up processes at every step, so you will be clear on what to expect and what to communicate to your clients.  

No need to hire new employees, set up employee training, or map processes, we got it all covered. We provide quality ongoing link building, local citation building, on-page SEO services, and human-generated SEO reports.

Profit-Driven-On Going Seo

What’s Included?

Starts with client discovery and onboarding.

Competitive landscape analysis

Success tracking and measurement by transparent reporting

Perform in-depth analysis (website audit, keyword analysis, on-page & off-page)

Online growth strategy and roadmap

 Monthly progress reporting and feedback

What’s the cost?

Pages Turn Around Time
0-25 25Days
25-50 30Days
50-100 45Days
More than 200 Inquire

Attract and convert more leads with Profit Driven all-in-one marketing.

Frequently Asked Question

The white label SEO services offered by Profit Driven Inc. provides the following benefits

  1. Reduce resource cost, we already have a team and process in place. So instead of setting up a team, training them, and ensuring there is a winning process in place.
  2. No need to worry about, “How to do it?” We have all the resources and expertise, so you can offer the SEO services to your client and never worry about how to do it.
  3. Increase in profit margins, we love this one, all our clients generate more revenues and in turn more profits.
  4. Work on what you like the most while enjoying customer loyalty
  1. Clear strategic roadmap for every client
  2. Competitor analysis
  3. Website quality audit
  4. Keyword research
  5. On-Page Optimization
  6. Off-Page optimization
  7. Content Audit
  8. Monthly reporting and recommendations
  9. Project management and support

We will work out the numbers before starting the project, we will also help you in pricing your SEO offerings to ensure it’s a win-win situation for both parties. Expect a margin of 50% – 60%.

While choosing a white label service provider make sure

  1. Understand their service offerings and their processes
  2. Review how widespread their offerings are, do they specialize in a niche or are they trying to do everything
  3. Check for their prior experience with SEO clients, by asking them to showcase studies
  4. Look for transparent reporting and reliable support
  5. Review key metrics that they monitor to ensure SEO success
  6. Look for the potential for term association, you are not looking for another vendor, what you should check for is a reliable digital marketing partner.
  7.   partner 

We have standardized SEO and created processes at every step. Right from customer onboarding to execution we have decks, reports, automated alerts managed by professionally trained teams. This allows us to work very efficiently, and communicate effectively with our partners. We heavily rely on feedback and adjust our work and processes accordingly.

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